Volume 15, Numbers 1 and 2, Winter and Spring

Environmental Failure-Oppression is the Only Cause of Psychopathology
David Jacobs, National University

Limitations of the Critique of the Medical Model
Ken Barney, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Deinstitutionalization: The Illusion of Disillusion
Michael McCubbin, University of Montreal

Something is Happening: The Contemporary Consumer and Psychiatric Survivor Movement in Historical Context
Barbara Everett, Homeward Projects, Toronto

The Myth of the Reliability of DSM
Stuart A. Kirk, UCLA, School of Social Welfare, and Herb Kutchins, California State University, Sacramento

Caseness and Narrative: Contrasting Approaches to People Who are Psychiatrically Labeled
Michael A. Susko, Essex Community College, Maryland

Blaming the Victims: Silencing Women Sexually Exploited by Psychotherapists
Catherine D. Nugent, Treatment Exploitation Recovery Network

Neuroleptic Drug Treatment of Schizophrenia: The State of the Confusion
David Cohen, University de Montreal

Determining the Competency of the Neediest
Jonathan Rabinowitz, Bar Ilan University

ECT: Sham Statistics, the Myth of Convulsive Therapy, and the Case for Consumer Misinformation
Douglas G. Cameron, World Association of Electroshock Survivors

Volume 15, Number 3, Summer

The New Schizophrenia: Diagnosis and Dynamics of the Homeless Mentally Ill
Alvin Pam, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

A Neural Network Approach to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Dan J. Stein and Eric Hollander, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

On the Distinction Between the Object and Content of Consciousness
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Quantum Physics and Consciousness, Creativity, Computers: A Commentary on Goswami’s Quantum-Based Theory of Consciousness and Free Will
Michael G. Dyer, University of California, Davis

Book Reviews

The Imagery Debate
Book Author: Michael Tye
Reviewed by Nigel J.T. Thomas, California Institute or Technology

A Study of Concepts
Book Author: Christopher Peacocke
Reviewed by Andrew Pessin, Kenyon College

Insomnia: Psychological Assessment and Management
Book Author: Charles M. Morin
Reviewed by Ian R. Nicholson, Victoria Hospital

WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows
Book Author: WordPerfect Corporation
Reviewed by David A. Allie, Phoenix Systems

Anxiety: Recent Developments in Cognitive, Psychophysiological, and Health Research
Book Editors: Donald G. Forgays, Tytus Sosnowski, and Kazimierz Wrzesniewski
Reviewed by Ian R. Nicholson, Victoria Hospital

Volume 15, Number 4, Autumn

The Depersonalization of Creativity
Paul G. Muscari, State University College of New York at Glens Falls

The Unconscious: A Perspective from Sociohistorical Psychology
Carl Ratner, Humboldt State University

How the Brain Gives Rise to Mathematics in Ontogeny and in Culture
Larry R. Vandervert, American Nonlinear Systems

An Introduction to Reflective Seeing: Part II
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

The Structure of Awareness: Contemporary Applications of William James’ Forgotten Concept of “The Fringe”
David Galin, University of California, San Francisco

Book Reviews

Handbook of Stress: Theoretical and Clinical Aspects (second edition)
Book Authors: Leo Goldberger and Shlomo Breznitz
Reviewed by Ian R. Nicholson, Victoria Hospital

The Nature of True Minds
Book Author: John Heil
Reviewed by Jonathan Thomas, Loyola University of Chicago