Volume 22, Number 1, Winter

Epistemic Unification
Mitchell R. Haney, Missouri Western State College and Herman E. Stark, South Suburban College

Historical Origins of the Modern Mind/Body Split
Richard E. Lind, Springfield, Missouri

The Case for Intrinsic Theory: V. Some Arguments from James
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Right Brain Damage, Body Image, and Language: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
Catherine Morin, Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale Stéphane Thibierge, Université de Poitiers and Michel Perrigot, Hôpital La Salpêtrière

A Spinozist Approach to the Conceptual Gap in Consciousness Studies
Frederick B. Mills, Bowie State University

Book Review

Shamanism: The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing
Book Author: Michael Winkelman
Reviewed by Joseph Glicksohn, Bar-Ilan University

Volume 22, Number 2, Spring

The Split-Brain Debate Revisited: On the Importance of Language and Self-Recognition for Right Hemispheric Consciousness
Alain Morin, Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada

The Case for Intrinsic Theory: VI. Incompatibilities Within the Stream of Consciousness
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Apart from Genetics: What Makes Monozygotic Twins Similar?
George Mandler, University of California, San Diego and University College London

The Concept of Mental Illness: An Analysis of Four Pivotal Issues
Robert L. Woolfolk, Princeton University

Is Crime in the Genes? A Critical Review of Twin and Adoption Studies of Criminality and Antisocial Behavior
Jay Joseph, La Familia Counseling Service

Volume 22, Number 3, Summer

On the Intrinsic Nature of States of Consciousness: Attempted Inroads from the First-Person Perspective
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Structural Causation and Psychological Explanation
Jeffrey Hershfiel, Wichita State University

Conceiving Simple Experiences
Michael V. Antony, University of Haifa

Free Will and Events in the Brain
Grant R. Gillett, Bioethics Center, University of Otago

Can Dynamical Systems Explain Mental Causation?
Ralph D. Ellis, Clark Atlanta University

Book Reviews

The Mind Doesn’t Work That Way
Book Author: Jerry Fodor
Reviewed by Alexander Batthyany, University of Vienna

The Vile Village
Book Author: Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)
Reviewed by Steven Connelly, Indiana State University

Volume 22, Number 4, Autumn

Metaphor and Consciousness: The Path Less Taken
Joseph Glicksohn, Bar-Ilan University

Complexity Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Radically Free Self Determination
Mark Stephen Pestana, Grand Valley State University

The Affiliation of Methodology with Ontology in a Scientific Psychology
Matthew P. Spackman and Richard N. Williams, Brigham Young University

The Process of Knowing: A Biocognitive Epistemology
Mario E. Martinez, Institute of Biocognitive Psychology

The Concrete State: The Basic Components of James’s Stream of Consciousness
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

The Concrete State Continued
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Book Reviews

Animal Minds: Beyond Cognition to Consciousness
Book Author: Donald R. Griffin
Reviewed by Dr. L.A. Kemmerer, Hoquiam, WA

Private Heresies
Book Author: Aleksandra Kasuba
Reviewed by Scott R. Stalcup, Indiana State University