Volume 38, Number 1, Winter

John B. Watson’s Classical S–R Behaviorism
J. Moore, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Self-belief and Agency
Nick Zangwill, University of Hull

A Philosophical and Rhetorical Theory of BDSM
Timo Airaksinen, University of Helsinki

Moral Nihilism and its Implications
Marc Krellenstein, Northeastern University

Volume 38, Number 2, Spring

Strawson’s Case for Mental Passivity
George Seli, St. John’s University

The Twin Vantage Point Paradox: A Thought Experiment
Baland Jalal, University of Cambridge and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, University of California at San Diego

General Intelligence: Adaptation to Evolutionarily Familiar Abstract Relational Invariants, Not to Environmental or Evolutionary Novelty
Kenneth A. Koenigshofer, University of Maryland University College

Critical Notice

Wrestling with the Absurd: Enaction Meets Non-Sense
Book Title: Enactive Cognition at the Edge of Sense-Making
Book Editors: Massimiliano Cappuccio and Tom Froese
Reviewed by Sebastjan Vörös, University of Ljubljana

Volume 38, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn

The Place of Ordinary Psychological Categories in Behavior Analysis
Filipe Lazzeri, Federal University of Goias

Animal Cognition: An Aristotelean–Thomistic Perspective
James M. Stedman, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Matthew Kostelecky, St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta, Thomas L. Spalding, and Christina L. Gagné, University of Alberta

The Evolutionary Function of Consciousness and Fregean Representationalism
Elizabeth Turzynski, Cardiff University

Critical Notices

Over and Beyond our Episodic Memories
Book Title: Memory and the Self: Phenomenology, Science and Autobiography
Book Author: Mark Rowlands
Reviewed by Christopher Jude McCarroll, Macquarie University

Confronting Emerging New Technology: The Case of the Sexbots
Book Title: Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications
Book Editors: John Danaher and Neil McArthur
Reviewed by Richard T. McClelland, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Book Review

Psychedelic Medicine
Book Author: Richard Louis Miller
Reviewed by Tom Trueb, LSW Retired, Delphi, Indiana