Volume 11, Number 1, Winter

On the Relation Between Psychology and Physics
Douglas M. Snyder, Berkeley, California

On Mentalism, Privacy, and Behaviorism
Jay Moore, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

On Reversal of Temporality of Human Cognition and Dialectical Self
Suchoon S. Mo, University of Southern Colorado

Personal Expressiveness: Philosophical and Psychological Foundations
Alan S. Waterman, Trenton State College

Consciousness in Quantum Physics and The Mind-Body Problem
Amit Goswami, University of Oregon

On the Theory and Application of Third Person Analysis in the Practice of Psychotherapy
Lauren Lawrence, The New School for Social Research

Book Reviews

Paradigms in Behavior Therapy: Present and Promise
Book Author: Daniel B. Fishman
Reviewed By William O’Donohue, University of Maine

The Adventure of Self Discovery
Book Author: Stanislav Grof
Reviewed by Anton F. Koote, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

Carl Jung and Christian Spirituality
Book Author: Robert L. Moore
Reviewed by Victor H. Jones, Indiana State University

Rat Man
Book Author: Stuart Schneiderman
Reviewed by Michael Walsh, University of Hartford

The Last Intellectuals
Book Author: Russell Jacoby
Reviewed by Robert E. Haskell, University of New England

Volume 11, Number 2, Spring

On the Social and Political Implications of Cognitive Psychology
Isaac Prilleltensky, University of Manitoba

Benny Shanon, The Hebrew University

Contemporary Models of Consciousness: Part I
Jean E. Burns, Consciousness Research, San Leandro, California

The Pluralistic Approach to the Nature of Feelings
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Complementarity and the Relation Between Neuropysiological Phenomena
Douglas M. Snyder, Berkeley, California

The Moon Is Not There When I See It: A Response to Snyder
Mark Garrison, Kentucky State University

Book Reviews

Intuitive Judgments of Change
Book Author: Linda Silka
Reviewed by Reid Hastie, University of Colarado

Critical Theories of Psychological Development
Book Author: John M. Broughton
Reviewed by Geoff Goodman, Northwestern University

Perils of the Night: A Feminist Study of Nineteenth-Century Gothic
Book Author: Eugenia C. Delamotte
Reviewed by Matthew C. Brennan, Indiana State University

Book Author: Hugh Kenner
Reviewed by Steven E. Connelly, Indiana State University

Volume 11, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn (special issue): Challenging the Therapeutic State

Introduction: The Medical Model as the Ideology of the Therapeutic State
Ronald Leifer, Ithaca, New York

Toward the Obsolescence of the Schizophrenia Hypothesis
Theodore R. Sarbin, University of California, Santa Cruz

Institutional Mental Health and Social Control: The Ravages of Epistemological Hubris
Seth Farber, Network Against Coercive Psychiatry

Deinstitutionalization: Cycles of Despair
Andrew Scull, University of California, San Diego

Twenty Years Since Women and Madness: Toward a Feminist Institute of Mental Health and Healing
Phyllis Chesler, College of Staten Island, CUNY

The Ex-Patients’ Movement: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
Judi Chamberlin, Ruby Rogers Advocacy and Drop-In Center

AIDS and the Psycho-Social Diciplines: The Social Control of “Dangerous” Behavior
Mark S. Kaplan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Therapeutic Professions and the Diffusion of Deficit
Kenneth J. Gergen, Swarthmore College

The Futility of Psychotherapy
George W. Albee, University of Vermont

The Name Game: Toward a Sociology of Diagnosis
Phil Brown, Brown University and Harvard Medical School

Subjective Boundaries and Combinations in Psychiatric Diagnoses
John Mirowsky, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Brain Damage, Dementia and Persistent Cognitive Dysfunction Associated With Neuroleptic Drugs: Evidence, Etiology, Implications
Peter R. Breggin, Center for the Study of Psychiatry and George Mason University

The Political Economy of Tardive Dyskinesia: Asymmetries in Power and Responsibility
David Cohen, Universite de Montreal and Michael McCubbin, York University

Electroshock: Death, Brain damage, Memory Loss, and Brainwashing
Leonard Roy Frank, San Francisco, California

Behavior in a Vacuum: Social-Psychological Theories of Addiction That Deny the Social and Psychological Meanings of Behavior
Stanton Peele, Mathematica Policy Research

The Conceptual Bind in Defining the Volitional Component of Alcoholism: Consequences for Public Policy and Scientific Research
Richard E. Vatz, Towson State University and Lee S. Weinberg, University of Pittsburg

False Accusations of Sexual Abuse: Psychiatry’s Latest Reign of Error
Lee Coleman, Berkely, California

Law and Psychiatry: The Problems That Will Not Go Away
Thomas Szasz, State University of New York