Volume 40, Number 1, Winter 2019
Fiona J. Hibberd, University of Sydney
Stanley Krippner, Saybrook University, and Deirdre Barrett, Harvard University Medical School
Eric Lindell, New York City
Critical Notices

Semiotics and Phenomenality
Richard Kenneth Atkins, Boston College

A Portrait of a Scientist as a Young Mind
Gigi Foster, University of New South Wales

Concept of the Mind
Susana Ramírez–Vizcaya, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Christopher Stephens, University of British Columbia

Book Review

The Psychology of Chess
Book Author: Fernand Gobet
Reviewed by Neil Charness, Florida State University

Volume 40, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn 2019

CHANging Consciousness Epistemically (CHANCE): An Empirical Method to
Convert the Subjective 
Content of Consciousness into Scientific Data

Daisuke H. Tanaka and Tsutomu Tanabe, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Extended Passive/Active Duality
Eric Lindell, New York City

Animals Suffer Too — A Response to Akhtar’s  “Animal Pain and Welfare:
Can Pain Sometimes Be Worse for 
Them than for Us?”
Sam S. Rakover, Haifa University

Thorndike’s Valuations Revisited
Tracy B. Henley, Texas A & M University – Commerce and Stephen T. Paul, Robert Morris University

Quantum Physics and the Future of Psychology
Daniel M. Campagne, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)

Critical Notice

How Chance, Environment, and Genes Determine Neurodevelopment
D.V. M. Bishop, University of Oxford