Volume 20, Number 1, Winter

Objectivity and Subjectivity in Psychological Science: Embracing and Transcending Psychology’s Positivist Tradition
Robert F. Bornstein, Fordham University

A Rediscovery of Presence
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Goedel’s Theorem and Models of the Brain: Possible Hemispheric Basis for Kant’s Psychological Ideas
 Uri Fidelman, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Human Survival and the Self-Destruction Paradox: An Integrated Theoretical Model
Glenn D. Walters, Federal Correctional Institution, Schuylkill

William James and Gestalt Psychology
William Douglas Woody, Colorado State University

Book Review

Words from the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality, and Psychotherapeutic Narrative
Book Author: S. Sovatsky
Reviewed by Seth Farber, Network Against Coercive Psychiatry

Volume 20, Number 2, Spring

Self-Deception in Neurological Syndromes
Israel Nachson, Bar-Ilan University

A Critique of the Finnish Adoptive Family Study of Schizophrenia
Jay Joseph, California School of Professional Psychology

A Commentary System for Consciousness?!
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Some Contributions of Philosophy to Behavioral Sciences
Hayne W. Reese, West Virginia University

Beyond the Fringe: James, Gurwitsch, and the Conscious Horizon
Steven Ravett Brown, University of Oregon

Volume 20, Number 3, Summer

Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics: The Connection and Analogies
Bruce Rosenblum, University of California, Santa Cruz and Fred Kuttner, Northwestern Polytechnic University

The Case for Intrinsic Theory: IV. An Argument from How Conscious4 Mental-Occurrence Instances Seem
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Theory in Psychology: A Reply to Tryon’s “Measurement Units and Theory Construction”
Altan Löker, Istanbul, Turkey

Measurement Units and Theory Construction: A Reply to Löker’s “Theory in Psychology”
Warren W. Tryon, Fordham University

A Reply to Tryon’s: “A Reply to Löker’s ‘Theory in Psychology’”
Altan Löker, Istanbul, Turkey

A Close and Critical Examination of How Psychopharmacotherapy Research is Conducted
David H. Jacobs, California Institute for Human Science

Book Review

In Defense of Human Consciousness
Book Author: Joseph F. Rychlak.
Reviewed by L.M. Leitner, Miami University

Volume 20, Number 4, Autumn

Virtual Objects
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Social Constructionism, Postmodernism, and the Computer Model: Searching for Human Agency in the Right Places
Joseph F. Rychlak, Loyola University of Chicago

Why Isn’t Consciousness Empirically Observable? Emotion, Self-Organization, and Nonreductive Physicalism
Ralph D. Ellis, Clark Atlanta University

Internal Representations &emdash; A Prelude for Neurosemantics
Olaf Breidbach, Friedrich Schiller University

A Testable Mind-Brain Theory
Ralph L. Smith, Tucson, Arizona

Book Review

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
Book Author: Brian Greene
Reviewed by James Bense, Moorhead State University