Volume 23, Numbers 1 and 2, Winter and Spring (Special Issue)

Choice and Chance in the Formation of Society: Behavior and Cognition in Social Theory by Robert E. Lana, Temple University

Chapter One: Setting the Problems

Chapter Two: The Behavior Analytic Approach to Language and Thought

Chapter Three: The Cognitive Approach to Language and Thought

Chapter Four: Current Language Theories

Chapter Five: Behavior, Cognition, and Society

Chapter Six: Attitude

Chapter Seven: Deconstruction and Psychology

Chapter Eight: The Behavior-Cognition Dichotomy

Volume 23, Number 3, Summer

Intertheoretic Identification and Mind-Brain Reductionism
 Mark Crooks, Michigan State University

Don’t Go There: Reply to Crooks
 Larry Hauser, Alma College

Identism Without Objective Qualia: Commentary on Crooks
James W. Kalat, North Carolina State University

The Compatibility of Direct Realism with the Scientific Account of Perception; Comment on mark Crooks
J.J.C. Smart, Monash University

Comment on Crooks’s “Intertheoretic Identification and Mind-Brain Reductionism”
John Smythies, University of California, San Diego and Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London

Four Rejoinders: A Dialogue in Continuation
Mark Crooks, Michigan State University

Understanding Physical Realization (and what it does not entail)
Robert Francescotti, San Diego State University

The Experiential Presence of Objects to Perceptual Consciousness: Wilfrid Sellars, Sense Impressions, and Perceptual Takings
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Book Reviews

Animal Cognition: The Mental Lives of Animals
Book Author: Clive D.L. Wynne. New York: Palgrave, 2001.
Reviewed by L.A. Kemmerer, Montana State University

Philosophical Practice
Book Author: Lou Marinoff. San Diego: Academic Press, 2001.
Reviewed by Christian Perring, Dowling College

Volume 23, Number 4, Autumn

Missing the Experiential Presence of Environmental Objects: A Construal of Immediate Sensible Representations as Conceptual
Thomas Natsoulas, University of California, Davis

Nature’s Psychogenic Forces: Localized Quantum Consciousness
L. Frederick Zaman III, Neural Engineering Research & Development, Hill Air Force Base

Perceptual Experience And Its Contents
Josefa Toribio, Indiana University

How to Do Things With Emotions
Matthew P. Spackman, Brigham Young University

Book Reviews

Autonomous Agents: From Self-Control to Autonomy
Book Author: Alfred R. Mele
Reviewed by Christian Perring, Dowling College

Three Challenges to Ethics: Environmentalism, Feminism, and Multiculturalism
Book Author: James P. Sterba
Reviewed by Paul Carrick, Gettysburg College