Volume 28, Number 1, Winter

The Psychology of the Placebo Effect: Exploring Meaning from a Functional Account
Rainer Schneider, University Hospital Freiburg and Samueli Institute Europe

Time, Form and the Limits of Qualia
Stephen E. Robbins, Metavante Corporation

Introspecting Brain
Mark Crooks, Michigan State University

Theory-Neutral “Explanations”: A Final Note on Kuttner and Rosenblum’s Approach to Science
Larry Vandervert, American Nonlinear Systems

Response to Vandervert’s “Final Note”
Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum, University of California, Santa Cruz

Book Review

Materie und Geist. Eine philosophische Untersuchung [Matter and Mind. A Philosophical Investigation]
Book Author: Arno Ros
Reviewed by Jörg R.J. Schirra, Illingen, Germany 

Volume 28, Number 2, Spring

Mental Action and Causalism
Jing Zhu, Sun Yat-sen University

The Unity of Emotion: An Unlikely Aristotelian Solution
Maria Magoula Adamos, Georgia Southern University

Pavlov and the Equivalence of Associability in Classical Conditioning
S.R. Coleman, Cleveland State University

Conscious Perceptual Experience as Representational Self-Prompting
John Dilworth, Western Michigan University

An Evaluation of the DSM Concept of Mental Disorder
Guy A. Boysen, SUNY Fredonia

Volume 28, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn

Why History Matters: Associations and Causal Judgment in Hume and Cognitive Science
Mark Collier, University of Minnesota, Morris

The Phenomenology of Freedom
Tomis Kapitan, Northern Illinois University

Process, Quantum Coherence, and the Stream of Consciousness
Keith A. Choquette, Brockton, Massachusetts

The Frontal Feedback Model of the Evolution of the Human Mind: Part 2, The Human Brain and the Frontal Feedback System
Raymond A. Noack, Seattle, Washington

The Knobe Effect: A Brief Overview
Adam Feltz, Florida State University

An Improved Reply to the Argument from Categorization
Dennis Earl, Coastal Carolina University

Time, Thought, and Consciousness
Joseph Glicksohn and Sharon Lipperman-Kreda, Bar-Ilan University