Volume 37, Number 1, Winter

Which Identification is Disturbed in Misidentification Syndromes? A Structural Analysis of Fregoli and Capgras Syndromes
Stéphane Thibierge, Université Paris-Diderot and Catherine Morin, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Does Functionalism Offer an Adequate Account of Cognitive Psychology?
James M. Stedman, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and Thomas L. Spalding and Christina L. Gagné, University of Alberta

Consciousness is Not a Physically Provable Property
Catherine M. Reason, London, United Kingdom

On the Appearance and Reality of Mind
Demian Whiting, University of Hull

Volume 37, Number 2, Spring

Robotic Alloparenting: A New Solution to an Old Problem?
Richard T. McClelland, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Neuroelectrical Approaches To Binding Problems
Mostyn W. Jones, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Using Operational Definitions in Research: A Best-Practices Approach
Brent D. Slife, Casey D. Wright, and Stephen C. Yanchar, Brigham Young University

Science and Sympathy: “Intuition” and the Ethics of Human Judgment
David M. Boynton, Saint Michael’s College

Critical Notice

Evidence Matters: Science, Proof, and Truth in the Law
Book Author: Susan Haack
Reviewed by Erica Beecher–Monas, Wayne State University

Book Review

Knowledge through Imagination
Book Editors: Amy Kind and Peter Kung
Reviewed by Masashi Kasaki, Kyoto University and Kengo Miyazono, Hiroshima University

Volume 37, Numbers 3 and 4, Summer and Autumn

Non-Human Origins of Human Perception in the Pre-Pleistocene
Gregory C. Hoffmann and Michael S. Gordon, William Paterson University

Scientific Realism, Psychological Realism, and Aristotelian–Thomistic Realism
James M. Stedman, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Matthew Kostelecky, St. Joseph’s College at the University of Alberta and Thomas L. Spalding and Christina Gagné, University of Alberta

Behavior Analytic Pragmatism
J. Moore, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Reciprocity and Reputation: A Review of Direct and Indirect Social Information Gathering
Yvan I. Russell, University of Göttingen and Middlesex University

A Non-Representational Understanding of Visual Experience
Kaplan Hasanoglu, Emmanuel College

What Does Neuroscience Research Tell Us about Human Consciousness? An Overview of Benjamin Libet’s Legacy
Jimmy Y. Zhong, Georgia Institute of Technology