Volume 39, Numbers 1 and 2, Winter and Spring 2018 (Special Issue)

The Propeller Experiment Controller: Automation for the Comparative Analysis of Behavior in Research and Teaching
Christopher A. Varnon, Converse College and Charles I. Abramson, Oklahoma State University

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Technical Specifications of the Parallax Propeller

Chapter Three: Programming the Propeller with Spin

Chapter Four: Getting Started with the Propeller Experiment Controller

Chapter Five: Propeller Experiment Controller Overview

Chapter Six: Experimental Event

Chapter Seven: Experimental Functions

Chapter Eight: Applications of the Propeller Experiment Controller

Chapter Nine: Future Directions and Conclusion

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Useful Links

Appendix C: Character Charts

Volume 39, Number 3, Summer 2018

How Sustainable are Different Levels of Consciousness?
Erik J. Wiersma, Alba Biologics

Accounting for the Specious Present: A Defense of Enactivismt Paradox: A Thought Experiment
Kaplan Hasanoglu, Emmanuel College

Broken Brains or Flawed Studies? An Update on Leo and Cohen’s Critical Review of ADHD Neuroimaging
Charles Marley, University of Edinburgh, Anna M. O’Leary, University of Edinburgh, and Vasiliki-Aliki Nikopoulou, University of Edinburgh

Shamelessness in Jane Austen: The Case of Lady Susan
Richard T. McClelland, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Critical Notice

From the Percept to the Mind
Joaquín M. Fuster, University of California at Los Angeles

Volume 39, Number 4, Autumn 2018 (Special Issue)

On the Psychology of Demon Possession: The Occult Personality
Mark Crooks, Institute of Mind and Behavior


Crooked Spirits and Spiritual Identity Theft: A Keener Response to Crooks?
Craig S. Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary

Demon Possession: Symbolic Language and the Psychic Fact
T. Craig Isaacs, Institute for Christian Psychotherapy and Spiritual Formation

Commentary on Mark Crooks’s Essay, “On the Psychology of Demon Possession: The Occult Personality”
John Warwick Montgomery, University of Bedfordshire