Author: ledit

Vol. 43, Number 4, Autumn 2022

Heroism and Prestige in Two Popular War Films Richard T. McClelland, Nanaimo, British Columbia This essay focuses primarily on Fury (2014) and to a lesser extent on Saving Private Ryan (1998), two popular war films.

Vol. 43, Number 3, Summer 2022

Splitting the Atom: The Paradox of Proprioceptive Dialogue Steven M. Rosen, College of Staten Island/City University of New York The practice of Proprioceptive Dialogue (PD) was inspired by David Bohm’s proposals for

Vol 43, Number 2 Spring 2022

Realistically Re-Envisioning General Psychology and its Relation to Specialization Fiona J. Hibberd, University of Sydney and Agnes Petocz, Western Sydney University In the face of psychology’s continuing expansion and diversity, Pickren and Teo

Vol. 42, Number 1, Winter 2021

The Mind/Brain State Jason W. Brown, New York University Medical Center The minimal mind/brain state is the completion of one cycle of actualization that entails a passage over evolutionary growth planes

Vol. 41, Number 2, Spring 2020

The Synesthetic Experience of Color and the Grain Argument Derek D. Nikolinakos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens The grain argument has been offered by Bechtel and Mundale (1999) against the

Vol. 41, Number 1, Winter 2020

Belief: The Explanatory Power of Hume’s Theory Jonathan Leicester, The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Hume’s feeling theory of belief is brought up to date through the later contributions of Russell, Peirce,